“Dana” Premieres!

I’m super stoked share “Dana” with you all today. Been waiting for months. Based on Exodus 4:30-31, this short film shares the story of Dana Seals, who God helped through a painful divorce.

It was such an honor hearing Dana’s story, and I’m so grateful Katie could jump in to provide the fabulous art.

It’s crazy to think that all this didn’t happen.

When first presented with the theme and prompt for the 168 film competition, I thought I had everything figured out. Within a day, I had a solid script ready and a cast and crew picked out. Slowly but surely, things began to fall through. Locations became unavailable, people got busy. I had to recreate the wheel.

We went with more of a documentary feel. We called a role call for people who wanted to share a story of how God had helped them through a painful time. Dana and her boyfriend came and told their story.

We gathered the audio and footage and brought it to the editing room. When we did, Dana’s video was gone. I’d done something silly during the recording, but the audio sounded great. So, we used it and pressed forward.

Katie and I played around with the idea of how to use the audio. We thought of her journey and the prompt. Katie came up with idea of putting it to art. There is an artist style that is big on Instagram called the “dirty pour.” We had the camera I had rented for another couple days, so we grabbed the supplies we needed and filmed the project.

It came together so well. Simple and to the point. God is with us, working in the midst of our pain, creating beauty from ashes.

I am so grateful it all came together the way it did, and for 168, which hosted the project. Such a wonderful bonus was to have Dana, who was in So. Cal for recording vocals for her next album, joining us for the premiere.

Now it’s back home to NC, stoked and ready for the next project. Game on!



  1. So amazing ! Wonderful event …such a good documentary.! I will be sharing it with my ministry group this week..You all did an amazing job! Thankful that Dana shared her story. Fabulous art demonstration and illustration on Katie’s part. Aaron, GREAT job!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, please do share. Let’s see how far this film goes. Absolutely LOVED sharing the moment with you =)

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