Acting is a marathon. We talk of success in the field like it’s an instant thing. One minute you’re walking down the street and the next minute- bam!- you’re front and center on the big screen. I prefer what my friend says, ‘it takes 10 years in the field to be an overnight success.’ 

When asked if he was one of those actors that just laid back and waited for a role to come, Al Pacino said that he knew of no such actor. Everyone works. 

It’s an inescapable truism that, in life, you’re either growing or you’re dying. Anything worth gaining in life is won with blood, sweat, and tears. And we go through that because it’s worth it.

Think of your favorite theater experience. The magic of creating an alternate world on the silver screen. What a delight it is to be a magician, an architect, helping to bring that fantasyland to life!

That’s why we do it (haha the money, when we get it, doesn’t hurt either). Cheers to the silver screen, which greets us at the end of our labors!

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