It’s All About Intentions

We do a lot of work with motivations in acting. Take a single action: we can do it for thousand different reasons. That reason changes everything about the action.

This is so true in life. Think of all the things you do on daily basis. Why are you doing them? Because you “have to,” because you want to, to avoid disapproval, to gain a friend, to push yourself, to inspire someone else. I can personally attest: burn-out is rampant amongst volunteers who push themselves beyond their limit to achieve someone else’s goal. On the reverse, many do nothing because they believe they can’t or out of fear of rejection if they try.

No simple or holy act is done without intention. So, it’s a good challenge for us to ask ourselves: why am I doing this? The answer(s) may surprise us, and can either motivate us to go even further or re-direct us in a more fruitful path.


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