Stained Glass

People are funny and people in the church are no exception.

We all have our unconscious lists of sinners and saints, people that seemingly can do no wrong and people that seemingly can do no right.

But in the end we’re all just people and this has been true ever since the first person showed up on Earth.

From Adam to David to Paul to Aaron, we’re all broken pieces of glass put together by God into this collective masterwork known as the fellowship of believers.

Let us lay our perceptions down and embrace the collective soul, for we are all saints and sinners whose sole redemption is God.


He Needs No Introduction

Inside Elizabeth’s womb, John leapt

In the presence of a fetus

The magi followed a star to a newborn

In a barn

At the sight of our 14-day old boy

Simeon and Anna prophesied

John at the height of his ministry

Turned it all over to a carpenter

The disciples left their professions at the call

Of a rogue rabbi

When we have a true encounter with Jesus

We know it

He needs no introduction,

For He is the Living Word