If You Bear Through the Rough Times

I found an old journal of mine.

It humbled me.

I’d recommend it for everyone,

to reflect.

In my reflection,

I saw again how loving and patient my wife is,

even since the very beginning.

I see the groundwork, the hurdles we faced

the obstacles that continue to rear their ugly head.

But over those obstacles I see her,


and I see you LORD

and I keep going.

Relationships never stop,

they take work.

The outcome is glorious,

if you bear through the rough times.

Chiquita Me

I want to be a banana
So appealing
to be on a tropical island somewhere
with “heyhey we’re the monkeeeeeys”

Cold is no good.
Except if I’m boarding
down the slope
and the blood is flood and the wind is going
through my short hair.

So, no, if I’m standing still
or anything like that,
give me heat, give me warmth
gimme love

Chiquita me, please
I’m ready for a summer vacation.

Generation of Shadows

My sister and I watched a lot of TV when we were kids

I don’t say this as a positive or negative,

it just was.

Ours was the generation of the shadows.

The old Tom and Jerry’s, the Looney Tunes

those were fading away

to a new class of cartoons.

Heavy hatching. Darker themes.

“The Last Unicorn.” “The Rats of Nymh.”

“The Hobbit.” “The Never-ending Story.”

The world had gone punk, and its youth were going with it.

Yet, at that same time,

these years (80’s and 90’s) were also the Mencken years,

“Beauty and the Beast.” “Little Mermaid.”

“Hunchback of Notre Dame.” “Aladdin.”

Our fantasies were both dark and beautiful,

all the while steeped in music.

Kids programming teetered in the divide,

not sure of how to treat it’s youth.

Then came “Toy Story,”

whose first drafts were as dark as

the 80’s programming we grew up with,

Then there was the rewrite.

While still gritty,

it promised hope

and the programming has grown prettier

as art has moved from hands to computer.

More neon.

It speaks in a new language, more distracted.

Yet, also in its own way has grown deeper,

reaching out to a more universal audience,

of all races, nationalities, genres, body types,

and backgrounds.

Each generation passes its legacy on to another,

for them to blaze a new trail with it.

Ours was a generation of the shadows,

but we were singing all the way through.





So here’s the thing:

compost is essential to good gardening.

It’s like natural Miracle Grow

What’s in compost?

Trash, basically.

Food scraps, leaves. Things you tend to discard.

But you put it all together and give it some time,

it does some really cool stuff.

I think this is an important life lesson:

the soil doesn’t start good.

First we’ve got to get all our garbage out there.

It does it no good just sitting about in a corner of our kitchen,

but put it in the ground and give it time,

and good things happen.

So air out your garbage and see what good fruit comes from it.