Ladon (Jan. 10, 2015)

Genre: Action, Horror

Logline: A TV show personality teams up with a team of treasure hunters to seek out the Tree of Life, which is guarded by hideous harbinger of death.

Blood, Sweat, and Sweet Sweet Love (Dec. 28, 2014)

Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy

Logline: A strip club serves as the schoolroom of life for a middle-aged, passionless man.

Get it in Gear (Dec. 26, 2014)

Genre: Family, Romance

Logline: After the passing of her father, a young woman takes a job at her dad’s old chop shop as she seeks out her own unique passion and purpose.

Simulacra (Dec. 26, 2014)

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

Logline: After discovering that the love of his life is actually a robot, young everyman Orson Gould goes out in search of the manufacturer, only to find more questions than answers along the way.

Dolls & Demons (Dec. 5, 2014)

Genre: Crime, Paranormal, Thriller

Logline: A foreign detective chases down demons in the 1940’s New York.

Crushes, Crosses, and Worship Songs (Oct. 30, 2014)

Genre: Faith, Romance

Logline: An itinerant jazz guitarist gains new hope and inspiration from a peppy, young evangelist.

Dating Gideon (March 2, 2014)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Logline: After a tough breakup, an aimless college student is thrown back into the dating pool, learning about life and love through the three young women he meets.

The Woman with the Translucent Eyes (Feb. 23, 2014)

Genre: Magical Realism, Historical, Drama

Logline: While fleeing to South America to void a press fallout, former child star, Bebe Sinclair, finds a kindred soul in an ancient priest, who is said to have pastored a church haunted by a mysterious woman.