Ladon (Jan. 10, 2015)

Genre: Action, Horror

Logline: A TV show personality teams up with a team of treasure hunters to seek out the Tree of Life, which is guarded by hideous harbinger of death.

Blood, Sweat, and Sweet Sweet Love (Dec. 28, 2014)

Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy

Logline: A strip club serves as the schoolroom of life for a middle-aged, passionless man.

Get it in Gear (Dec. 26, 2014)

Genre: Family, Romance

Logline: After the passing of her father, a young woman takes a job at her dad’s old chop shop as she seeks out her own unique passion and purpose.

Dolls & Demons (Dec. 5, 2014)

Genre: Crime, Paranormal, Thriller

Logline: A foreign detective chases down demons in the 1940’s New York.