168 Film Project

168 Film Project: A scripture-centered film festival and writing workshop

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Amazon Video Direct: Get your film up and available for purchase

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Bible Gateway: Scripture and study tools for in-depth Bible study

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Highland: “The better way to write a screenplay.” -John August

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Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish your manuscript, affordably and on Amazon (in digital or softcover)


MuseScore: A freeware program to help you write that groovy, new score

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Rev: Quick, easy, and affordable captioning services


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SoundCloud: A place to showcase your music, podcasts, etc.

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UMCOR: Credible, humanitarian disaster relief

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U.S. Copyright Office: Protect your intellectual property


Unreal Development Kit: Create your own video game

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.12.11 AM

Vistaprint: Cheap and easy business cards


Withoutabox: An up-to-date list of film festivals and competitions around the world

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WorldVision: Help a child. Change the world.

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