He Needs No Introduction

Inside Elizabeth’s womb, John leapt

In the presence of a fetus

The magi followed a star to a newborn

In a barn

At the sight of our 14-day old boy

Simeon and Anna prophesied

John at the height of his ministry

Turned it all over to a carpenter

The disciples left their professions at the call

Of a rogue rabbi

When we have a true encounter with Jesus

We know it

He needs no introduction,

For He is the Living Word

The Will of God

What is the will of God?

When do we stop and They begin?

What agency do we have

in view of Their omniscience?

Surely we are called to account

for our actions

and nothing goes unseen.

Let me explore Your mystery, LORD,

and obey Your will,

for regardless of where I start and You begin,

You are the Alpha and the Omega,

the true beginning and end.

All things return to You

in reverence and awe,

in respect of all that You Are.