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Best of 2018: Featuring OKOA documentary short film, “Dana”



“Into the Word” Musical: Cast Recording & Production CD

Cast Recording includes: all 6 tracks from original, Christian musical

Production CD includes: all 6 tracks from musical, background instrumental tracks, lyrics, instrument charts, full script, character images, sermon notes for complementary Bible teaching, synopsis.


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All Together One | 2017 | Poetry & Short Story

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Project 12 Presents |  2016 | Short Film Series

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Poíēma | 2016 | Poetry| Kindle or Paperback

Eyes on the Prize

Into the Valley of Monsters | 2014 | Sci-fi/Fantasy


Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.05.12 PM.png| 2009 |

Your Friend, Andy | Coming-of-Age, Teen, Gay/Lesbian

The Piece Man and Other Stories | Children’s, Short Story

On a Country Road | Folk Tale

Apocalyptic Merriment, pt. 1 | Magic Realism

Apocalyptic Merriment, pt. 2 | Magic Realism

Sight and Shadows, vol. 1 | Science Fiction

Sight and Shadows, vol. 2 | Science Fiction

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