My front windshield is cracked,

has been for several months now.

Every now and again,

I have the money to fix it,

but end up spending the cash

on something else.

Yes, yes, we only have so many resources

but still

I feel this a metaphor for something:

life, probably.

The world’s problems are vast and consuming,

and we can spend all our days chasing

after all kinds of things,

that seem good and productive at the time;

or, we can spend time fixing the windshields

of our lives.

Ah, yes. I can see clearly now.

The crack is gone.

Drinking Dobrá with Jeremy

We sit in the tea shop. Jeremy reflects on his mission trip and the vacation that followed.

“It’s funny,” he said, “when I went to Kentucky, I wondered what I would do there, and they told me ‘just be.’ When I went to Hawaii, I was searching for a feeling, and missed all the wonderful things I did.”

Life isn’t one thing or the other. Every situation calls for a different response. The trick is to listen, to be present, and let God instruct us on the specific way we should go.

The Editing Room

In film,

once all the footage is in,

the editor is given the task of

cutting, copying, and pasting the film together

so that it forms a powerful and cohesive whole.

There are scenes, brilliant snippets of reel,

that end up getting cut because they do not fit

the master narrative,

either they slow down the pace or otherwise

take away from the work as a whole.

Life is like that, sometimes

we must cut out even the good things

if they clutter, clog, or distract.

There are a billion different ways we could go.

LORD, give me the wisdom to know which paths to follow

and the strength to persist in the paths You have marked out

for me.

It’s Okay to Run

Remember, sometimes it’s okay to run

when the building is burning down,

you don’t say, “I’m gonna stare this fire down,”

you get the heck outta there.

Be brave but be sensible.

The Spirit is wise and kind,

if He wants you facing down giants, you’ll take them down

If He wants you gone, just go.

No shame in that.

Out of the Ashes: Overcoming Adversity (Self-Imposed or Otherwise)

Summary: Stop and smell the roses, before you get pricked by the thorns

We all hit the proverbial wall at one time or another. Sometimes, it is because we have taken too much on. Sometimes, it is because too much has been thrown at us. In either case, remember that we are not called to be superheroes. After all, we burn out. We hit our limits. Those who insist on being strong all the time, on putting that on “knight in shining armor” act 24/7, will eventually fall, and fall hard. This is inevitable, even for the best of us.

If you find yourself over your head: Take a moment. Breathe. Meditate. Admit your humanity and weakness. Then, form a plan of attack. That attack may be: re-prioritizing your life, it might be asking for help, might just be saying “no.”

We’re so “yes” minded. We love to say “yes.” It feels good. But, if we say it enough times, especially in situations that put us at odds with our values, abilities, or resources, we will quickly find ourselves in a heap of trouble.

I highly encourage learning new skills, trying new things, and taking on new challenges. But remember to give yourself time to relax, replenish, and savor life. Otherwise, it will fly by and you will be none the wiser for it.

Life is, after all, a marathon. Not a sprint. A baton-toss, not a winner-take-all fight to the death.

So, be wise, be human, and be strong.

Blessings to you in Christ,