Thank You

Today I am born

and reborn

Thanks to so many people

and the God who made me

Thank you Jesus for salvation

Thank you Spirit for inspiration

Thank you family for a forever home

Thank you friends for never leaving me alone

Thank you life

for your boundless wonder

Thank you sky

for that starry veil I’m under

Thank you sleep

for reviving me

Thank you wake

for entertaining me

Every breath I take, every step

is a gift

Thank you thank you thank you

for all of it.

A Nice Ring to It

She walked into the manager’s office. Surely, she’d done something wrong.

Why else would she be here?

“Take a seat,” said the manager.

His gaze was mysterious. She could not read him.

She sat.

“You’ve been with us a while,” he said.

“Seven years,” she said.

“You’ve put in a lot of hours,” he said.

“Sixty a week,” she said.

“The head of your department is stepping down,” he said,

“you should consider applying.”

She shrunk back.

“Me?” she said.

“Yes,” he said, “we appreciate the work you’ve put in.”

She hadn’t thought of herself as management material, but the moment he said it, it just made sense.

“Thank you. I will,” she said.

Manager: it had a nice ring to it.




o Mighty, Majestic Creator God

We’re all so beautiful

Made from clay and bone

Filled with the warmth of blood

pumping wildly ‘neath

the softest of skin

Our mouths breathe forth the breath

first put into by God,

the laws say nothing is lost

The power and majesty of the First Day

still surrounds us

every day.

LORD, open my eyes so I can see it

see you

see everything

angels, demons, hope life love danger

community need

let me fall to my knees and thank you

for I am in of everything

You touch

o Mighty Majestic Creator

of heaven and earth.