The Truth Behind the Eyes

He marched into the cave, full of muscle and sweat. The last tendrils of light glinted off his biceps and chest. He tightened his grip on his broadswords and walked farther in.

The cave was hot and damp, heated by the fetid breath of the beast. The lichen-slickened ground made for a hard journey. The sides of the cave were jagged and warped from the beast’s thick hide and claws.

The first thing he heard was silence. He strengthened his resolve. The silence was always the worst, but he had come this far. He would have his trophies. For the villagers. For himself. To prove that he was a man. His member surged beneath the loincloth as he thought of it.

Deeper, ever deeper. Sensing nothing until finally he heard it: the beast’s strained-raspy and hissing breath. He strengthened his back and stood erect. He waved his sword into the void.

“I am Bukanin son of Orinshield. I command you to come out beast,” he said.

Nothing. Breath.

“I command you to come out.”

The breathing stopped. A growl replaced. Bukanin gripped his sword.

The beast roared. Stomp-stomp-stomp-stump. Rrrrrrrrrrumble. The Beast charged. Bukanin charged.

He met the beast, with all its talons and fury. Roaring. Ranging.

Its hideous eyes. Thousands of them. Its hunched back. Its tiled and armor-like hide. It teeth and talons. Its rage and fury and hate. Bukanin challenged them all.

They fought there in the dark. The creature was used it, feeding off the energy supplied by bioluminescent mushrooms growing on its skin and in the cave around. But the warrior held his own. This would be his first beast, but it would not be his last. The village was full of dead animal trophies. He would not let them down.

They stabbed and slashed at one another. The blood! The blood! Green, animal blood blending with red human blood. Spraying against the walls. Drenching each other’s forms. They were both mad, crazed. Their draining fluids only made them halluncinate victory.

They sparred for ours until finally Bukanin gained the upper hand, hamstringing the foul creature, bringing it down to its side. He stood over it. Weak due to lack of blood. Weak from the dying adrenaline rush. All he had to do was finish it and it could all be over.

He towered over the creature.

“Finally beast you are slain!” he said, waving his broadswoard high.

He climbed atop it and flipped his weapon about, pointing fearsome blade at his opponent to end it.

He stared into its many eyes. A long time. It was so near death, it had scarcely the energy to keep them open. He could relate, having scarcely the energy to stand, let alone kill the thing.

He stood there, in the death position, breathing; then, he flung the sword aside.

He collapsed atop the beast and slept.


He did not return to his village for a long time. Rumor spread that he had been eaten. Rumor spread that he had been overcome. Never did they fancy the truth: that he and the beast spent many of their days hobbling the hills together. Many years later, a young man, out to prove himself found them, offering to end the beast’s life.

When Bukanin decline, the young man branded him a traitor. Bukanin accepted this word.

He was who he was, and if that was who he was, then so be it.

Later down the road, the villagers came and hunted them down. They slew them, for a hunter to befriend his prey was too much for them. They laughed and cheered and drank over the bodies of the dead. They had righted the Universe.

But the last thing Bukanin ever saw was the beast looking back at him with all those many eyes. That was enough for him. That had always been enough. So he peacefully surrendered himself to his fate.

Shadow People

It’s easy to live in shadows. We’ll have full conversations, live lifetimes with people that aren’t really there.

We’ll celebrate victories we’ve never had, fear obstacles we’ve never faced.

We’ll content ourselves or beat ourselves up for being people we aren’t at all.

My friends, shed light on the shadow people. Seek truth where it can be found.

Life is meant to be experienced not in imagined experiences, but in real events we can learn from and savor.

Dark Figures


TWO HOODED FIGURES stare out at the horizon. The sun falls.


The dark is coming.


We will take him.

FIGURE #1 nods.


FIGURE #1 lights small fires around the campsite.


What is it like?


The dark? Evil.


But what is it like?

The FIGURE #1 does not respond.


FIGURE #1 sits and stares out into the darkness. FIGURE #2 paces.


It should be here by now.



A HISS sounds. FIGURE #1 stands.



Is that him?

FIGURE #1 stretches out his hands. LIGHT sprouts from his palms.



The hiss grows louder and louder. It is almost on top of them when it stops. FIGURE #2 spins about.


Where did it go?

With a shriek, the DARK attacks. Strikes FIGURE #1 in the chest, strikes FIGURE #2 in the face.

FIGURE #2 topples back and falls over, cradling his face.


My eyes! My eyes!

FIGURE #2 strikes the ground. He gropes about wildly.


Master, are you there? Master, please. I can’t see. Somebody. Please.


FIGURE #2 weeps over his master’s dead body. The DARK flutters away.


FIGURE #2 sits cross-legged and breathes. The fires burn around him.

TIME LAPSE: the sun rises, pinnacles, and descends on our hero.


FIGURE #2 remains sitting. The DARK takes on physical form, walks around him.


Do you give up?


Not as long as I have breath.

FIGURE #2 stands. The DARK laughs, grabs FIGURE #2’s throat.


What can you do? You are powerless.


Not as long as I am close enough to touch you.

The DARK looks down. FIGURE #2 places a hand upon his chest. LIGHT beams from FIGURE #2’s hand.



The DARK tries to get away. FIGURE #2 grabs him, hugs him tight. Light engulfs them both.


FIGURE #2 hobbles through the desert, slowly making his way through.