To Each Other & To God

Joy Moss started Asheville Beer and Hymns.

She lives up to her name,

a true beam of sunlight amongst clouds.

Every time we play music,

music is always secondary to community-building.

Our mission is higher than what we do,

It is who we are, to each other and to God.

Just Another Day

“Play me a song,” he said, seeing us leave the restaurant with our guitars.

“We don’t have the chords,” M said.

“Play it anyway,” he replied.

And so we started, roughly. The chords came, but the words didn’t. The words came, but the chords didn’t. Eventually, both aligned. Then, we sang together the songs that stuck with us, the ones deep down. Always a surprise to see what sticks.

“Play ‘Jesus Loves Me,'” he said.

And we did. The simple, fleeting words resounded through the parking lot and into the night sky.

Soon, we were all out of songs. They thanked us. His buddy, he told me stories about Vietnam while the others mused over M’s dreadlocks.

“My leg’s all tore up. Not a leg no more,” the veteran said, “Got two purple hearts out of it, though. I have trouble sleeping sometimes. All times. God forgive me.”

And he wiped his face with a dirty napkin.

I ran into the car and pulled out the McDonalds napkins I had stored there, you know, for emergencies.

“Here,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said while using the napkin, “for listening.”

M nodded me forward and we walked together to the nearest convenience store, picking up hot dogs and beer for the guys.

“Do you have a Bible?” said the first guy. I handed him mine, “what’s the shortest verse in the Bible?”

“‘Jesus wept,'” I said.

“And where is it?” he said, “What verse?”

I told him I didn’t know. he flipped right to it.

“Saint John eleven thirty-five,” he said.


I nodded in amazement.

We all hugged. M and I went to our respective way.

“I’m glad you didn’t die,” M’s girlfriend told her, later.

For us, it’s just another day.

Freedom is Found

Freedom is found

in the simple things
a cup of coffee in the morning,
a beer at night
a hug between friends,
a kiss between lovers
freedom is found in sunsets,
and stars,
and waterfalls
cascading down upon our
fragile, strong, and beautiful selves.
Freedom is found in you and me,
in us,
all of us
Freedom is found in love,
true love,
made manifest in this moment
Make it count

Adventures in Music

In today’s episode of “Why Aren’t I Dead Yet?”:

Aaron leaves Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria after a rocking worship session for Asheville Beer and Hymns. He steps out with cajón and guitar in hand. A man with a guitar and a scraggly beard walks up to him and starts jamming out, while maintaining full eye contact the whole way. The guy busts out some wild jazz licks with a voice raspy as all can be. Aaron is impressed. When he finishes, he says, “follow me.” Intrigued, I do just that.

We then proceed to take a walking tour of Asheville, playing music for random folk as we go. We even play INSIDE a gas station, at the attendant’s bequest. Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Aerosmith: we are really cooking. Finally, Aaron is beat, goes home, and sleeps soundly that night.

I don’t know why these things happen to me, but I’m so grateful. Kids, don’t try this at home. But, that said, life is beautiful.

F10 Films Jam Session, Part 1: “Coffee in the Morning”

Move over Miguel!

While hanging out with the wonderful peeps at F10 Films and munching down on Chinese food, we thought it would be fun to record a live version of a new, bluesy number celebrating brews of all kinds.

Special thanks to Kurt Vann (on bass) for accompanying me on this fun musical adventure, as well as to Brian Vann, Zach Aro, Nolan Duino, and Natalie Marie (the best crew a guy could ask for).

P. S. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming out on Sunday, Aug. 30th!

Blessings to you in Christ,


Project 12: “Half Empty”

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to share with you all Project 12 Film Series‘ latest short film, “Half Empty.”

I’m not going to lie: it’s kind of dark. The plot revolves around a model trying to break free of her abusive boyfriend.

Sadly, many women out there are caught in similar cycles of abuse. My heart goes out to them. Maybe, one day, this kind of drama will be limited to the world of fiction- if present at all.

I’m grateful for Margot’ Cuero and Zach Christiansen, who skillfully brought these characters to life, and, of course, to the rest of the cast and crew, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Love one another. Stay awesome. Thanks so much for watching.

Blessings to you in Christ,