Reconciling Ministry

I have friends who were gay. Lovely people. I know people have differing views on this subject, but I have studied the Scripture and looked at the history. I have heard their stories and shared in their vlives. Honestly, I think that the Biblical prohibition and the inherited lifestyle are two different things. Apples and oranges. Maybe I am wrong, and of course I shall pay the consequences at the end of time. If so. Or maybe I am right and we are forcing millions of people, Christians and non-Christian, into isolatation from the very Gospel we hold so dear. If I know anything from personal testimony, it’s that Christ’s love is for everyone. If I get in through the pearly gates, sounds likely equal opportunity to me.

The Good Samaritan

*Luke 10:30-36


Let’s look at the parable

of the good Samaritan.

You got this guy, cruising down the road,

gets beat up and robbed and left to die

in a ditch.

A bunch of well-to-do, well-respected

“pious” peeps

from his own nation stroll by,

but they’ve got places to be,

especially if he’s dying

Cuz a dying man would make a “holy man”


Along comes a Samaritan,

who doesn’t have all the lingo and the rules,

he just knows someone is hurt,

doesn’t matter that the Jews and Samaritans

usually don’t get along,

he’s got a conscience, so he lends a hand,

he goes over what is expected of him,

cuz he’s just doing it to do it

you know?

There’s no expectation of reward.

And the “dead” man gets better and the Samaritan goes on his way

and who knows if they see each other again,

it’s not about anything more than doing the right thing.

We only have the moment.

Sure, we can brush it off with excuses and agendas,

but we all have a call to do something good,

each person’s call is different,

but it’s there, beckoning.

Keep your ear to the Earth

and your eyes to the skies

and you’ll find it.

Do good, my friends.

In all things, do good.

No Matter What

Some people think we will be raptured out

when times get back.

Some people think we will have to face the darkness

til the night is through.

Both have argue fairly compelling arguments.

The fact remains, today, we will have seasons

where we experience both:

seasons where we must face the giants

and seasons we are saved from them.

I guess the main question is, do we have faith enough in God

that He will sustain us no matter what occurs?

Right or Correct?

There are easy ways to find the correct thing do in every situation. Consult a rule book, instruction manual, witticism, or convenient bit of hearsay, and you are golden.

Finding the right thing to do in a given situation may not be so easily discerned. True, the right and the correct thing to do often are one in the same; that is not always the case.

if you’ve ever read Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, you’d understand. In the book, Huck has the chance to free his friend, Jim, from slavery. However, in the culture in which he lived, it was considered unlawful, even sinful to do so. “All right, then, I’ll go to hell,” he replied. This was not an easy decision, as to do so would force him onto the lamb himself. Still, he felt morally obligated to do so.

Jesus Himself was notorious for doing this, being chided again and again by the self-righteous rulers of the day for doing what, in their mind’s eye, were unlawful acts. Yet, Jesus insisted that HE “did not come to abolish [the Law and the Prophets] but to fulfill them.”

Is this hypocrisy, irony, or something else entirely?

In C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, our main character, Aslan, dies in his friend, Edmund,’s stead (as was required by the law), but in doing so, Aslan cracks the Stone Table in twain, and He rises again.

There’s the rub: all these characters are, as Cervantes’s Don Quixote would say, “willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.” When they come out the other side, they have not changed what is technically correct, but rather redefined it, even superseded it. Such an action is not to be taken lightly, as change and paradigm shifts never occur with ease, but great things occur in and through them.

Application: In this life, you will sometimes be given a choice between the correct and the right thing to do. Dig deep before choosing your path. It may lead you to uncharted territory, but territory that you will not walk alone!