Gifted, not Re-Gifted

You are not a broken box

Expecting to get met with a scowl

and returned to sender

No, you are a present,

impeccably wrapped

and beautiful,

carrying wordless

worth and beauty

How lucky we are to have you

be present, be now, be loved

and, of course, open yourself up to others,

the true treasure’s inside.


Thank You

Today I am born

and reborn

Thanks to so many people

and the God who made me

Thank you Jesus for salvation

Thank you Spirit for inspiration

Thank you family for a forever home

Thank you friends for never leaving me alone

Thank you life

for your boundless wonder

Thank you sky

for that starry veil I’m under

Thank you sleep

for reviving me

Thank you wake

for entertaining me

Every breath I take, every step

is a gift

Thank you thank you thank you

for all of it.

A Poem for My Mother

Here is a poem for my mother
Always, she has been there for me
Please, allow me a moment of sentimentality
Pointed in the direction of a truly wonderful individual,
Ybarra, Karen is her name,
Born this day not too many years ago
It is because of her that I persist in writing
Readers come and go, but Mothers will always be
Thank you, Mom, for everything
Happy birthday, tell
Dad I said hello
Aaron, your son, loves
You very, very much!