Hwy 55 Burger


Today I tried the Hwy 55 Burger: 55 oz. burger with fries and a drink. I didn’t eat all of it, but it was delicious and I had a lovely conversation with the staff. I love how even attempting to do the incredible enlivens people. It’s so easy to just go through the motions. It’s another thing entirely to really experience life for all it is worth.


“Eating Out” Filming Ends With a Kid’s Night

Hello readers,

Aaron here. I am happy to say that “Eating Out” is done filming. All our precious footage has been passed into editor, Zach Aro, ‘s skilled hands. While editing is under way, let me bring you a little recap of my experience on the project:

Our first day showcased everyone’s talents. Dakota and Kurt added some well-timed improvisation to the much sweat-over script; Mary was bold enough to pose in a gold bikini while passerby gave us all kinds of confused and dirty looks; Zach gave good direction to the crew; and Lizzy brought a fresh face to the old gang.

Our second day was Mary’s turn to steal the limelight. That day, we shot the scene where characters, Chester and Tiffany, become fast friends. What better way to lock down a friendship than with a cheesy montage? We had Mary jumping on a feather bed, baking a pie, spinning in circles, and playing dress-up (basically everything a kid always wants to do when parents are away). She took to it like a pro, conveying a blithe innocence that I think will really translate well onto the big screen. I spent most of the shoot on the floor, throwing feathers and puppets in the air, munching on leftover pie,  and trying not to get trampled on as Mary did her thing.

We finished filming around 11 pm. Zach and I went home. I think I went to bed around 1 am. With my alarm set to go off in three hours so that I could make it to my actual job on time, I knew I was in for a bit of hurt the next day, but I would not have done anything any differently. What a wonderful profession filmmaking is (even if I’m not getting paid to do it)!

Stay groovy, planet Earth, and God be with you.


Mr. Director, Aaron Ybarra

Meet Chester

I am proud to introduce you to the newest addition to Team Awesome: Chester the Cheeseburger.  Designed by the wonderful and talented Katie Ybarra, Chester was built specifically for our latest short film, “Eating Out,” which is in the works as we speak. So far, the casting and script are written and we are, Godwilling, less than a week away from filming this bad boy. Look for it at the LA Comedy Film Fest in October. Don’t miss out!