A Seat for Judas

So we all know Judas as the man who betrayed Jesus, but did you know he served as the treasurer for Jesus’ earthly ministry and sat in the seat of honor at the Last Supper? This was not an accident. Jesus loves His prodigals. He is constantly holding them near. Peter who denied Jesus three times was given the keys to the church of Jerusalem. Paul who outright persecuted the early church was chosen as the main witness to the Gentiles. Just when we think we are furthest from God, God is closest to us, calling us to come home.


Guys, we have to take a long, hard look at chivalry. When it’s true and good, it’s great. But a lot of time it’s demeaning. Unfortunately, Christianity has taken on both the good, the bad, and the ugly now and again.

We cannot feed the homeless while secretly believing they are all economic sponges and violent, drug addicts.

We cannot do missionary work in other countries while building walls between us because we believe they will rape or kill us and steal our jobs.

We cannot open doors for women and buy dinner while seeing them only as fuck-buddies, unable to do the same jobs as good as or better than us.

These things are not compatible. We may say we love everyone, but this love is often cheap. It’s more a love of love rather than a love of others. We must respect everyone. That is how we love. That is how we help. That is how we grow.

When we look at each others as equals, we see that there is in fact a lot of need out there, but we are not only empowered to meet that need but also empowered to empower as well.


I Was Born with a Primal Glory

You can take what you want from me

for I was born with a primal glory

so even if everything I have is gone

I still have that

always did, always do, always will

it is a God-given gift

the seal of the incarnate Divine

placed upon my skin like stigmata,

letting the Earth know I am His

and He is mine and we are ours together.

Truth and Judgement

I am a child of light

but it’s so easy to be tempted into the dark.

In the dark there is judgement and fear,

in the light there is hope and joy.

Why do I stray?

I stray because I am human.

Yet, Jesus, who is divine,

always beckons me back.

Sometimes I fear God,

but He always welcomes me.

He must speak truth now and again,

cutting out what is evil,

but He always replaces it with good.

In darkness,

all there is is spoiled food,

appealing but rotten.

I rejoice in the Holy Banquet of the Divine,

it tastes as wonderful as it smells.

Every time I find myself starving,

He calls dinnertime.

How fast I run to His bosom,

into His outstretched arms.

I am His child, forever and always.


Mary, Blessed Among Women

What would be like to be Mary,
to bear and birth and raise the Son of God,

to know He is the promised Messiah,
though quite not sure of how,

to be told by Jesus that His purpose was away from her,
that He knew His calling from the get-go.

What would it be like to have Him address everyone
as His mother and father and sisters and brothers,

What would it be like to witness Him do miracles
and die on a cross?

Who knows what happened to Joseph along the way,
but Mary endured through it all,

long enough to see her Blessed Son rise,
first from the earth,
then into the sky.

As the disciples came into their own, she slipped into the background
but to be Mary during those years,
Mary the theotokos, God-bearer
o, what a calling that would be!

Nacho Woman

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.38.17 PM

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

A: Nacho cheese!

Pardon the cheesy joke, but it serves a point: You see an attractive young woman, you say something nice, she responds well to it. Awesome! That doesn’t mean you can walk around saying, “I got her.”

We say “like” to be like, we smile to be welcoming, and we are nice because we like to be treated nicely. None of these fall under the “I’m romantically interested” category.

Women are far less mysterious than they’re claimed to be. Sure, they have their moments, but I feel a lot of the time they’re assigned that label because guys are dumb. I know. I am one!

So, guys, let me assure you: if a woman is interested in you, she’ll let you know. You don’t have to send her a billion messages. You don’t have to show up at her work. True, she probably won’t print it on a billboard. She may indicate it with a gesture of the hand or a tilt of the head, but it’s there nevertheless. That’s why you’ve got to be in the moment. That means you’ve got to be over yourself.

I’ll be the first to say that even we, married guys, miss these cues all the time. If we get outta our own way and stop dogmatically pursuing our own needs, the answers we’re looking for will be right there.

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