Rising Against


You say, “obey authority.”

But authority uses authority against Your name.

You say, “forgive”

But the injustices against Your people continue.

Who am I to go against Your word,

to trade the Bible for Hamlet &

” to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And, by opposing, end them?”

for Hamlet’s fate was

“To die, to sleep— No more—”

but the fate of Your children is to live eternally in Your ample bosom.

Comfort my soul, o mighty God,

teach me again what is right and good and true

I will rest and listen,

for my soul is weary,

yet The Spirit is very strong!

Something Good

There is no sanctity in false piety.

There is no reverence in empty words.

Forgiveness comes with truthful sorries.

Blessings come not out of nouns, but verbs.


So teach me LORD to love you truly,

to treat my humanity as I should.

Let me lift their souls up to the angels.

Let this be the start of something good