God Speaks in a Whisper

United Pursuit tells us God is whispering to our hearts

To let go

to be alive

He is always whispering

Are we listening to Him,

or just we just making noise to drown Him out

are we letting Him in

or are we pushing Him out

with vain-glorious activity

Elijah tells us God is not in the fire or the earthquake

or the tornado

but in the whisper

One day the heavens and the Earth shall praise Him

The Universe itself will shout His praise

but for now He whispers

Do you hear Him now?


I do not understand the love affair amongst some Christians of making the cross offensive. “This will (probably) offend you,” they say. “This may upset the PC people,” they add.

What kind of witness is this? Yes, Paul calls the cross “foolishness” (1 Corinthians 1:18) to some, and many times it is. There are many who don’t get it, don’t like it, or more likely have had bad experiences with it.

But our goal should never to be to offend, but simply to present the Gospel as it is. The naked Gospel is powerful enough without attaching a bulldozer to is.

Let us witness and truth and in love. May it be Christ and the Holy Spirit that speaks through us, rather than our own selfish ambition.

Love Bomb

“Sorry to unload on you like that,” he said

“I’m glad you did,” I said,

“So many times we go through life,

carrying burdens, situations

not knowing who we can share it with

but not quite able to bear the burdens ourselves.

We lose sleep, become stressed

because we feel all alone.

Yes, we talk to God and that is a great place to start,

but we still fear the judgement of others.

It’s not until we tell another human being

and they meet us with open hearts and minds

that we can begin to lay our burden down-

or, rather, finally have someone

to carry that burden along

til the carrying is done.”



You walk in while I’m in the midst of yoga

“Sorry to interrupt”

but you have nothing to be sorry for

that’s what love is:

an interruption of the self

and expansion of the mind,

my world shaken like a mixed drink

Interrupt me again and always

my ways, my days

interrupt them

because I love you dearly

When We Talk About God…

Sometimes I’m not sure who or what we’re referring to

when we talk about God.

Is He a machine in charge of upholding institutions

and assumptions

or amorphous love cloud?

I like to think of God in terms of the Simple Gospel:

“I wanna know you more,

like I know a friend.”

Does that encapsulate all God is?

By no means, but it’s a good place to start.

An Education

“I wanna write a romance novel,” she says,

“where things are messy, things are perfect,

where romance isn’t smooth,

and the lovers don’t quite know what they’re doing.

Otherwise, you go into love thinking everyone’s got it all together,

and that’s not the case at all.

We’re imperfect beings, our fiction should be an education in that

So that reality goes a little smoother.”