The Performance of a Lifetime

My wife and I were watching a documentary on a burlesque troupe the other day.

I loved, as the narrative unfolded, the reoccuring themes that began to appear.

They spoke of freedom, of expression, of overpowering the shame hurled upon us by the powers that be.

We all have a unique gift to share with the world. Though we are always tempted to conform, even in art, to express ourselves only in ways we think we ought to act, think, and behave.

But there is richness to be found in self-discovery, a heavenly wink found as we uncover who we really are (and who we are not).

We think if we give the audience what they want, they will be happy; but they will be happier still if we give them what is true.

IF we are alive and engaged, it frees the audience up to do the same.

As Morning Slips in Through the Window

As morning light slips in through the window, I

slip you out of bed,

set my hand upon the small of your back

lift your hand into their air

and we begin to waltz.

We dance to tune of birds chirping at the window,

birds that have beat us to the day,

we dance

and slip out of dancing,

we take a shower and eat breakfast,

and dance some more,

we meet with friends for coffee,

go back home,

play some music,

watch a movie,

read a book

eat dinner,

watch a bit more Netflix,

spend some time alone,

meet back together again

between soft sheets,

our eyelids heavy,

our breathing still,

I kiss you-

honestly, it is an expectant kiss,

you see through all my movements,

you smile, you sigh,

we think of dancing,

we fall asleep.

The next morning, who knows?

Perhaps we will dance again.

“Project 12 Presents” on Amazon

IMG_1624-1Hello friends,

I am totally stoked to announce that Project 12 Presents, which features most of our Project 12 Film Series, plus a few extra goodies, is now available on Amazon! Major props go out to Jesus Christ, the Project 12 cast and crew, F10 Films, Independent Aro, (our closed captioning provider), and Amazon Direct Video for making this all happen. Featuring music, dance, drama, action, and comedy, there is a little something for everyone in this short film collection.

For those with Amazon Prime, it’s absolutely FREE. You can even watch it on your smart phone by simply downloading the Amazon Video app. This is definitely not something you want to pass by, so pick up your copy today and please, please do leave a comment on the Amazon page. Every review- good, bad, and ugly- makes a WORLD of difference!

Click here to begin your adventure

The Dance

The music plays and I ask you to dance.

I bow to you and take your hand.

We take position in center of the floor,

We have ditched the inhibits that plagued us before.


The music continues, we begin our dance

Twirling and swirling, as if in a trance

As the string section sways back & forth with their bows

I can feel the connect ‘tween us blossom & grow


Step. Step. Turn.

We circumnavigate the floor

‘Til the music stops, and we don’t dance anymore


Then I bow again and bend to kiss your hand

My dear, it was my true pleasure

to have this dance

Project 12: “Expectations”

Hello everyone!

Aaron here. I am excited to introduce you guys to my latest collaboration with the Project 12 Film Series: “Expectations.”

First off, let me say this was so much fun to film! Choreographer, Jonathan de la Mora, pulled out all the stops to make my vision come to life. His team is so wonderfully skilled that I could only sit back and enjoy as they performed the capoeira and salsa numbers. I usually deal mostly with still objects, so it was an fun challenge to find out how to properly capture movement.

I am so used to working with dialogue, that it was a challenge to speak only in action, but our cinematographer and editor, Zach Aro, did a great job in splicing the film together to make this worldless film communicate volumes.

Lastly, I love this project because it gave me the chance to work with my dad, who is a very talented percussionist and an all-around amazing guy.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Blessings to you in Christ,