There You Are, Peter

Jesus was beaten, whipped, crucified, and buried. He descended into Hades and returned

to the land of the Living to present Himself before His followers, who were in hiding.

They saw Him and believed, except for Thomas, who was not there. When His disciples

told him about the resurrected Lord, he refused to belief unless He touched the scars,

and today we call that doubt. But Isaiah 53:3 tells us that the Son of Man would be so

mangled His own followers would not recognize Him. In order to know Him you had to

push through the scars.


This reminds me of the movie “Hook” where Peter Pan (played by Robin Williams)

returns to Neverland after being away for so long. He has been away so long the Lost

Boys do not recognize him, not until one boy pushes back the wrinkles to see

Peter as he once was.


Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and always. Lord, may we have the guts to see Your

scars, to feel for ourselves the Lord is resurrected.

Planted, not Perfect

When I tell people I do figure drawing, they tell me many things, “I could never do that I’m too ____… I’d be too embarrassed… I’ve always wanted to but…”

Funny thing is, the artists they don’t need you to be this that or the other. Tall, short, fat, thin. Doesn’t matter. Just to be yourself. And be still. That’s it.

We walk though life praying that we’ll be good enough. But all the while people are waiting for people to just step forward and say, “here I am.” Not to push it. Not to project it. Just to be.

It gives them freedom to do the same.

You don’t have to take your clothes off to accomplish this. You can do this every day of your life. You are who you are, and we’re all on a journey of improvement, self-discovery. But right now, we’re here, and we’re alive. That’s good enough.

Honesty goes a long way. Be you. Be proud. Be brave.

Blessings, my wonderful friends,