I Like to Live Dangerously

I’m always amazed by risk takers.

Some who know what they are getting into, others just dive in blind.

Of course, it’s good to be safe, but breaking down borders,

exceeding expectations, pushing the envelope beyond where the safety net lies.

These are the dreamers, these are the inspirers

these are the scouts, the trailblazers, and the visionaries

I am so grateful for all of them,

for because of them I see through the hedges,

to a bright view of tomorrow.

How lovely it is!



Anything Worth Doing

Some say the goal in life is happiness,

but there are times in life where anything worth doing

will be stressful, involve pain, and make you feel

very different from the happyhappyjoyjoy state we profess to desire.

I say, find the things you find of value, even when they cause you pain.

Pursue those. For life is short, and nothing worth doing is done with eternal ease.

So, help us Lord.

Walking Barefoot Through the Sands of Time


Walking barefoot through the sands of time,

I visit old edifices, machines of past lives that once seemed so daunting,

that are now rusted and falling back into the earth.

I stop to snatch a flower from out of the ground,

it smells of the fragrance of promise.

I take a deep whiff, absorbing it all into my pours,

letting the aroma saturate my pores,

before replanting the living thing back into the ground.

I start to spring, so fast that my lungs burn,

As I do so, I feel so alive.

I cry out, victoriously, words that are not words,

and I collapse into a waking state.

It is beginning of tomorrow, and I feel good.


A boy wakes up, goes to school, learns things;

he gets homework assigned, he goes home

eats dinner and speaks a few words to his parents

before hitting the books.

Later, red-eyed from staring at pages of overwrought words

he hits the hay,

he dreams-

dreams of asking out that one special girl at school,

dreams of making his friends laugh and think he’s cool


dreams of winning his parent’s respect.

He’s always been in his brother’s shadow, you see,

and he’d like to get out.

The next day, he wakes up and goes back to school-

Yes, it’s back to same old routine.

Sometimes, he forgets his homework at home;

sometimes, he does well;

but for the most part he rides a solid B-/C+ grade,

just above average-

and he never talks to the girl,

and he never becomes the popular kid,

and his relationship with his parents remains strained.

Still, every night, he hits the hay and dreams

and dreams

and dreams.

Soon enough, the boy grows up.

He graduates from high school and moves out

to go to college.

He gets drunk and has sex.

He has some fun.

His grades drop.

Soon, a young woman tells him that she is pregnant with his child.

He drops out of college and

takes a job at a gas station.

There is a shotgun wedding,

weeks before the baby is born.


The boy turns into a man,

he works hard,

both he and his wife-

it takes him a while to get used to that word-

spend a lot of sleepless nights together,

raising up the fruit of their loins.


They spend a lot of time doubting themselves,

their ability as parents,

but they smile widely anyone stops to

say how handsome their little boy is.

The man gets fat and old,

his wife is still beautiful.

He knows much more than her name now.

He sees the multiverses in her eyes and in her smile.

He holds her hand.

He tries to let go as seldom as possible.


Their kid grows up.

He goes to school.

He catches on quick and gets good grades.

The teachers say, “what a fine boy he is!”

The man says, “you can thank his mother for that.”

It’s tongue-in-cheek, but really he’s eating up every word.



The kid grows up and moves out.

The man goes to bed one last time.

He can hear his wife sleeping beside him.

He knows his time is near, still he doesn’t want to disturb her.

So, he simply leans over, kisses her on the forehead,

closes his eyes, and dreams.