A Hope of Romance

He had always considered himself a jester or a villain, someone brought in only to entertain or to kick before throwing out again; but there he was, in class, and the teacher gave him a script to read. It was a simple story about two friends trying to save a school. He performed it to the best of his ability. At the end, there was a collect “awww,” not aww as in pity or remorse, but in sympathy and encouragement. An eternal “isn’t that cute.”  The teacher turned to him and said, “you know, you could play a romantic lead one day.”


The student’s heart became afflutter. Romance was for the main stream, not the side characters. He never dared dream he was worthy of it. But here he was, hoping against hope, dreaming hard enough to be made reality. And the dream remained, though it took him a long, long while to see it achieved. But hope is a wonderful thing, flowers from the pavement, refusing to be quenched once ignited.

We all need a little hope in us. Thank you, Jesus.

Pursuing Your Dreams: What It’s Like, and What to Do About It

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Summary: The sooner  we strip away the mythos associated with chasing your dreams, the sooner we can make clear and controlled decisions on what to do about it.

A few months ago, I attended a performance in LA featuring an acquaintance of mine. My wife was with me at the time. The performance was good, definitely made for a fun night out.

The thing that struck me most about it, though, was what my wife said before a word was said on stand. She leaned over and nonchalantly remarked, “Remember: all of these people left good-paying jobs to do this.”

I looked at the roster. She was right. All the bios fit a similar profile: Talented men and women who had left business degrees and successful careers to pursue a career in acting. What is more, all of these people were participating in a production expressly geared toward giving jobs to persons struggling to get by.

These two facts combined absolutely blew me away. I mean, I am no stranger to the so-called starving artist motif, but I still couldn’t help but ask: What leads good, God-fearing people to take such a profound leap of faith?

1. There is No Yellow Brick Road

Now, I am not bashing on young hopefuls. Lord knows, I am one! Still, the question remains.

Now, you may be an aspiring actor, writer, model, artists, etc.. Let me promise you: your dream is not a stupid, nor ill-conceived. But it also not an easy one to see become a reality. There is a reason there why pawn shops litter the streets of Nashville: Musicians come, musicians go. Even the good and talented may leave with only a handful of dollars and a smattering of stories to tell the folks back home.

They say work hard. You should definitely do that. But you also have to think sensibly.

There will be times when “the Devil” will come knocking at your door. Landlords will be asking for rent; family will be asking for time; friends will want to go out for a night on the town. How will you respond?

With prayer, yes. With wisdom, yes. But also with compassion and humility. These are the people supporting you as  you pursue your flights of fancy. Be appreciative. Give them the time and resources they need. When you do that, no matter what happens, you will at least have them when the dust settles.

(Even if you break the mold and rise to greatness, having people there that you can trust and who will call you out on your stuff is an invaluable asset to have!)

2. But There is an Oz

If you think you are up to the challenge, go ahead, bite the bullet, chase your dreams. Fight long, fight hard, and all the while: look out for the signs. The signs to push forward, the signs to pull back. In poker terms, there is a time to bet, to bluff, to fold, and to go all in. Only time and talent will tell the difference.

Whether you end up in a small town or a big city, I wish you all the best. You are priceless; you are handsome/beautiful; you will see victory in the eyes of God.

Blessings to you in Christ,