Limits Are Limits

Your limits are your limits

don’t be embarrassed

Feel free to test them,

very often they are just a glass ceiling

beyond which is your true reality,

but even still limits exist,

they are your body, mind, and soul saying,

“not now, and maybe even not ever”

Stand  and celebrate them,

our weakness is just as much a part of us

as our strengths,

in fact, embracing what we are not

is just as beautiful and healthy and good

as embracing what we are.

So, be honest with yourself,

let the critics have their say,

but rejoice in knowing who you are

we are powerless

we like to preach on power,

but it’s a simple fact that there are things

over which we are powerless

nature, for example, and death.

we can talk until we are blue in the face

about empowerment and still always be

sideswiped by these overriding forces.

therefore, we must proceed in humility

working with these things,

not in spite of them,

learning to cope with their existence

in order to truly thrive.

the alternative, my friends, is 

a descent into madness. 

What if I Told You…

What if I told you

that you were beautiful, smart, talented, and funny,

that the world is your oyster if you only dared to crack it


Now, what if I told you that I didn’t need to tell you,

that you were all these things all along,

and that by waiting, longing, pining to hear them

has only made you subservient to a fickle genie,

who may or may not grant you the wish that

you have already granted yourself?

Knowing this: doubt no more, fear no more,

cease spending on self-destructive self-torment.

Remember, you can do all things, especially through Christ

our LORD.

Depression is a lion

Depression is a lion

eager to isolate and decimate
us, hapless gazelles.
Some may tell you
to go it alone,
and face the giant
all by yourself.
but you are not David,
you are the stone
you need a helping hand
to make you fly.
In the same way,
do not face the lion alone,
Instead, do what the gazelle does
Enlist the help of the herd,
the company of friends,
to distract, deter,
and otherwise dominate over
the enemy.
For we were meant to live
in community,
so to call on the help of friends
is to live up to your
biology, your unique
Divine nature.
Of course, once you’re in community
you’re in community
you are responsible and responsive
to others,
just as others are responsible and responsive
to others.
Indeed, to tap into this wealth
of resources is more than just
a candy cane or a band-aid,
it is a mutual edification,
an enlistment into a band of brothers
and sisters
with whom you will take on the world.
So gird your loins,
noble gazelle,
the lion of depression
can and will be defeated,
but after it has fallen,
you have a much greater adventure
in store for you,
in ubuntu.

Nacho Woman

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.38.17 PM

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

A: Nacho cheese!

Pardon the cheesy joke, but it serves a point: You see an attractive young woman, you say something nice, she responds well to it. Awesome! That doesn’t mean you can walk around saying, “I got her.”

We say “like” to be like, we smile to be welcoming, and we are nice because we like to be treated nicely. None of these fall under the “I’m romantically interested” category.

Women are far less mysterious than they’re claimed to be. Sure, they have their moments, but I feel a lot of the time they’re assigned that label because guys are dumb. I know. I am one!

So, guys, let me assure you: if a woman is interested in you, she’ll let you know. You don’t have to send her a billion messages. You don’t have to show up at her work. True, she probably won’t print it on a billboard. She may indicate it with a gesture of the hand or a tilt of the head, but it’s there nevertheless. That’s why you’ve got to be in the moment. That means you’ve got to be over yourself.

I’ll be the first to say that even we, married guys, miss these cues all the time. If we get outta our own way and stop dogmatically pursuing our own needs, the answers we’re looking for will be right there.

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