Guys, we have to take a long, hard look at chivalry. When it’s true and good, it’s great. But a lot of time it’s demeaning. Unfortunately, Christianity has taken on both the good, the bad, and the ugly now and again.

We cannot feed the homeless while secretly believing they are all economic sponges and violent, drug addicts.

We cannot do missionary work in other countries while building walls between us because we believe they will rape or kill us and steal our jobs.

We cannot open doors for women and buy dinner while seeing them only as fuck-buddies, unable to do the same jobs as good as or better than us.

These things are not compatible. We may say we love everyone, but this love is often cheap. It’s more a love of love rather than a love of others. We must respect everyone. That is how we love. That is how we help. That is how we grow.

When we look at each others as equals, we see that there is in fact a lot of need out there, but we are not only empowered to meet that need but also empowered to empower as well.



Democracy is scary

a thousand voices screaming out into the void

every time we trust the masses

we soon skulk back in fear

what if they’re wrong?

but when the pendulum swings the opposite direction

there is no worse fate:

closed hearts, closed minds

an iron fist clutching the intrepid heart of a teenage nation.

Lady Liberty, hold your torch high

shine the way for all to see

the glorious future that waits for

us who dare to let you lead.

A Nice Ring to It

She walked into the manager’s office. Surely, she’d done something wrong.

Why else would she be here?

“Take a seat,” said the manager.

His gaze was mysterious. She could not read him.

She sat.

“You’ve been with us a while,” he said.

“Seven years,” she said.

“You’ve put in a lot of hours,” he said.

“Sixty a week,” she said.

“The head of your department is stepping down,” he said,

“you should consider applying.”

She shrunk back.

“Me?” she said.

“Yes,” he said, “we appreciate the work you’ve put in.”

She hadn’t thought of herself as management material, but the moment he said it, it just made sense.

“Thank you. I will,” she said.

Manager: it had a nice ring to it.




Lift Them Up

We can’t look down on one another

We can’t just say, “rise” and consider that our part

We must either give each other a helping hand up

or lower ourselves down so we stand eye to eye.

True equality requires action,

not just words.

Sacrifice, humility, and encouragement

Shared power and access to resources:

These are the building blocks of a better tomorrow.