Bbbbbbb book! New Book on Amazon now.

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I am super pumped to announce that my new book is out on Amazon.  Six bucks buys you this super sweet compilation of poetry, short stories, scripts, and songs, and thanks to Prime, it can be at your doorstep in a matter of days. What I am most excited about is the chance to spotlight some pretty cool people I have met during my time on this spinning ball called Earth. THEY are definitely worth getting to know. Please, pick yourself up a copy today. Now, even =)

Livin’ on a “SoundCloud:” Our Kind of Awesome Releases its First Demo CD!

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Hello all,

As we gear up for an exciting new season, we’ve prepared a new, demo CD for your listening pleasure. We highly recommend you spend 20-30 minutes experiencing the entire playlist from beginning to end, as we take you through an eclectic and engaging strip of SoundCloud Musicland.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute news concerning our new musical, “Into the Word,” and our two, new singles, “California” & “Long Way to Paris.”

Blessings to you in Christ,