To God, with Wonder

This road I am I on had not been an easy one

Still I look to the stars in wonder

for the world is wonderful

and I am born anew in the eyes of its people

and its Creator.

What hope, what excitement

awaits in the new day

“for we are crushed, but not abandoned

torn down but not destroyed”



I am blessed. You are a blessing

let us never cease looking to the stars,

to each other, and to God

with wonder!


Some long for “the good ol’ days,”

but I often wonder when those days were,

for it was not long ago that women were,


little more than servants

and minorities slaves

and anyone with any disability whatsoever,

mental or physical,

was to be locked away in poor houses,

neglected and abused.

No, friends, we cannot go back,

for to go back would be to be like Pilate,

who knew what was right

and what must be done,

but feared loss of face

and public outrage

and so washed his hands of the matter,

and handed over responsibility

to the bloodthirsty mob.

For that reason, we must press forward,

with Christ as our guide,

toward a better tomorrow.

We must do what it right,

because it is right

because it is good,

because we can.