The Moment Before

Why is it that, in Exodus, God tells us that

They created the deaf, the mute, and the blind

yet in Leviticus we turn around and push them aside?

Why is it, in Genesis, that God creates

both man AND woman in Their own image

yet we get bogged down in gender roles

and social norms?

Why is it, in Romans, that we can bank

our entire faith on the fact that Abraham

came before Moses

and so are justified by grace alone,

rather than by works,

yet keep trying to earn our salvation

and set up obstacles for others to jump over to do the same?

God is calling all of us into immediate and total reconciliation with Himself.

Are we bold enough to take Him up on His offer?

Equality is a Wave We Should Ride

I have moved to a new land.

Once, I was unaware of myself,

of the color of my skin-

Yes, I was vaguely aware- 

now I am painfully so.


I see my brothers and sisters 

pledge violence against me,

even though I am one of them.

How can this be?


How can my own people ride on horses,

wielding spears of hate?

They say they do not hate, that they love.

They are only against those people,

and not me;

yet, I acknowledge that

in the heat of the moment, there is no separation.

In the fury of battle, 

the sword swings broadly;

it takes no prisoners.


I pray that we all would have eyes to see

that there are no “those.”

We are only ourselves.

If your neighbors are your enemies,

then all are enemies,

and if your neighbors are friends,

then all are friends.


For that reason, this is my plea:

that we tear down the Walls of Division;

that race and gender and language  melt away;

and that we would unite as one people

in Christ and under Christ and for Christ

forever and ever. Amen!


For, until we have equality,

there can be no peace.

Brother Earth, Sister Sky

We are men of the dirt,
derived from the earth
and one day returning thereto.
We are blood and sweat and tears
we are dreamers and we are
We are looking a way to defy gravity
to rise up above ourselves
now and forevermore
You are women of the sky,
ethereal, majestic
you see is us in the dirt
and take pity on us
See our pain and nurse our wounds
You are fragile, and so are we
though in different ways
Together, we protect our frail
existence and wrap it with warm
We make a home for ourselves,
together on this misbegotten loam
and we find contentment in our days
Complementing each other,
completing each other
As we were designed to do
ever since the First Day,
when man was taken
from the dust.