My Fancy, Fish Friend

It is fun to be the fanciest fish in the pond,

but as time passes and you find yourself in bigger bodies

of water-

in river and lakes, even oceans-

you discover that there are fishes equally fancy as you,

and they too were once the fanciest,

so you all have to learn to coexist,

to compliment one another rather than challenge,

for this world, as large as it is,

remains at the same time very small,

whatever you put into the waters-

love or hate, strife or support-

will inevitably come back around.

So, play well and keep on swimming,

my fancy fish friend.

Why Do We Teach?

Why do we teach?

Because we see ourselves in you,

we live vicariously through your struggles and growth

we cheer your victories and lament your defeats

because we know one day, our tree will fall

and you will rise to tower above,

to provide shade for animals

and protection for saplings,

and in turn will enjoy the view.

So we must do what we can today

to ensure than our students’ future

will be brighter than any we ever knew.