The Moment Before

Why is it that, in Exodus, God tells us that

They created the deaf, the mute, and the blind

yet in Leviticus we turn around and push them aside?

Why is it, in Genesis, that God creates

both man AND woman in Their own image

yet we get bogged down in gender roles

and social norms?

Why is it, in Romans, that we can bank

our entire faith on the fact that Abraham

came before Moses

and so are justified by grace alone,

rather than by works,

yet keep trying to earn our salvation

and set up obstacles for others to jump over to do the same?

God is calling all of us into immediate and total reconciliation with Himself.

Are we bold enough to take Him up on His offer?

Baggage Claim

“Unbelievable,” she said.

I saw those bright red pants pacing back and forth through the lobby.

“Do you work here? Do you work here? Do you WORK here?” she said, to everyone in uniform, accosting them if they gave her any time of day at all. “I need help for my friend, she’s in a wheelchair.”

Later, the flight arrived, and an employee wheeled the woman’s friend down to the baggage claim.

Pants hugged and kissed her friend. They headed out the door.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my luggage. We all have baggage, you know.