An Education

“I wanna write a romance novel,” she says,

“where things are messy, things are perfect,

where romance isn’t smooth,

and the lovers don’t quite know what they’re doing.

Otherwise, you go into love thinking everyone’s got it all together,

and that’s not the case at all.

We’re imperfect beings, our fiction should be an education in that

So that reality goes a little smoother.”

Roadside Assistance

Changing a tire in the rain

only to find it is rusted solid to the well,

now using words I probably shouldn’t

while my wife calls for roadside assistance.


As the rain comes down,

I admit defeat and rise.

In the distance, the sheep are grazing,

I watch their passive migrations and become



Eventually, the rain stops,

the sun comes,

a bow appears,

and roadside assistance is able to

knock the wheel free with a mallet.


We go home, take a shower, and switch into dry clothes,

It’s all funny now, and isn’t that always the case:

even in the downpour, there are sheep to be found,

and help to be called,

clean clothes on the horizon,

and a wife who loves you

even when you become creative with your verbiage.