Your Clothes Are Lying to You

Sometimes you’re too tall, then too shot

then too fat too thin

you’re the wrong color the wrong shape

or just the wrong feel

Even the same size even the same cut

will betray you depending on the day

Remember always, you are inherently beautiful

no matter what your clothes say


We pose for each other all the time,

offering our best, our most attractive side,

our best self,

hoping people will like us.

But we’re so many things.

We are quiet and loud and sexy and ugly

and smart and dumb and loving and spiteful.

All of which doesn’t play on camera,

but that’s the thing.

You can tell a contrived image a mile away,

but a shred of honesty

circles the globe.

Show yourself today.

Stay you =)

A Plethora of Katies: Vote NOW to Pick Your Favorite!

Hi everyone,

Recently, I’ve been playing with a program called GIMP (a free photo-editing program available for download here). In a previous post, I turned an ordinary bathroom selfie into a bangin’ Jedi pic, featuring the talented Alyse Pierce. This time, we’re gonna switch it up and shine the spotlight on my lovely wife, Katie. From the series of pics above, let me know which is your favorite. I’d love to have your feedback in the comments section below.

P. S. If you are feeling adventurous, I challenge you to use GIMP to create your own Super Selfie!

Have a blast, and blessings to you in Christ,