Spinning Wheel

“I would like to buy your spinning wheel,” said Katie, “how much do you want for it?”

“Three hundred dollars,” said the woman.

Katie reached for her purse.

“I prefer it to be paid in cash,” she said, “it means a lot to me. I would very much like it to mean a lot to you.”

Not having cash, Katie drove several blocks to the bank and returned with the payment in full.

Years later, Katie still has the wheel and has become quite the master spinner, treasuring the wheel the started her on her way.

The Desire to be Known

I think it’s fascinating that,

as long as the disciples knew Jesus,

they had they hardest time knowing Him as He was,

Savior and LORD, God of the universe.

The concept was just too high for them.

Yes, they did not yet have the discernment of the Holy Spirit

while He was with them in flesh,

but I don’t think much has changed since then.

The more years I spent with Jesus,

the larger and more intimate and mysterious He becomes.

He reminds me that He is LORD and I am man,

but He want to be known just as I would know my wife

or parents or friends.

So, in a way, that invites me to appreciate the mystery of those

around me, to constantly be amazed by them,

as they lower their guard and I lower mine,

and we all catch a glimpse of something beautiful,

something God designed in the very beginning.

Thoughts on Agents, Projects, Etc.

I have been targeting a particular agent for my acting career for the last month or so. It took some time to get all my stuff together and looking professional. Finally got the headshots, résumé,  and cover letter sent out, filmed an audition that I really connected with, and arranged a time for us to chat. He reviewed the material thoroughly and told what he liked about me and what he didn’t. He made me a conditional offer for representation, then left the ball in my court.

I pondered this for a bit and I considered accepting his offer, but decided to seek advice from one of my acting coaches first. I figured this coach, being in fact the man through whom I met the agent, would have some great insight in this matter. After sharing our conversion with him, he told me “no.” His reasoning was simple: you are who you are; don’t try to be anyone else. He then related he had already started contacting other agents, telling them about me, and that there was a certain agent that he thought would be a better fit, and that I should call her at such and such time. I left that second conversation affirmed and empowered in myself and grateful for his advice.

The moral of the story is this: you can only be you. In this line of work, any act of pretension is immediately apparent. You must find the people and the projects that you fall in love with, and they fall in love with you. Of course, there will be pairings that are like “Mr. Right-for-Now,” but in the long run the projects and people that last, the ones you want to target and pour your soul into are those who see you and know you and love you just as you are.

The same holds true in life. You are who you are. There are flaws that you need to iron out, micro-evolutionary changes that need to be made, but in the big picture you can only be who you are in the core of your being, and the best matches in life see that and know that and love that.

So, my challenge to you is to continuously put yourself out there, to never settle, to know thyself, and to wait for the right match. If it’s meant to be, it WILL come. Leave this blog post with the still, quiet affirmation of that unshakeable fact.

God bless you and keep you all. Have a great day!

Hold Them Up

I keep going back to the scene of the crime,

not just analyzing all that went wrong,

but also what could’ve gone right.

Halfway through, God shows up,

like the angel did outside Jesus’ tomb

He says, “the SAVIOR is risen! there’s nothing here to see

Go on and get moving, and take your scars with you.

Hold them up. People need to see, so they can know

that they too can go.