Why Do We Teach?

Why do we teach?

Because we see ourselves in you,

we live vicariously through your struggles and growth

we cheer your victories and lament your defeats

because we know one day, our tree will fall

and you will rise to tower above,

to provide shade for animals

and protection for saplings,

and in turn will enjoy the view.

So we must do what we can today

to ensure than our students’ future

will be brighter than any we ever knew.

Good Enough

Am I good enough?

No, I am not, because

“good enough” for you or him

or her or them changes.

Sometimes, I’m that. Sometimes, I’m not.

So, no, I am not good enough,

but I’m here. I care. I commit.

I show up even when times are hard,

and I’d rather be a mediocre player

who shows up even when he’s down,

than a superstar who magically appears

only when they are at their best.


I do know a God who is good enough.

Always good enough.

I do my best to follow his lead.