Riding in the Car with Roger

We met outside church,

you sang those songs you wrote with an old country twang

Susan gave you her coat

Katie and I drove you to Ingles

We talked about God and Jesus and YouTube

You bought us cookies and Coca Cola

and then we dropped you off

outside Homeward Bound.


At the time we met,

you were thinking of driving out to California,

but I’m glad you’re thinking about staying.

The world needs more people like you.

Peace, Brother!

People fight, they do

it’s part of life

but it doesn’t have to define us

We fight today, we make up tomorrow

We fight not to divide but to wake up the senses,

we want peace to win


There’s a time to clench fists

and a time to let go

Me? I’ve lost all the sensation down there

The blood vessels are too restricted


So, I’m letting go

Let’s shake hands

Peace brother,

God be with you!

Getting Old

Getting old is interesting,

to say the least.

You feel the antics of your youth,

in your neck and back,

especially in winter.

You watch the ill-conceived dreams of early adulthood

sail smoothly away,

and you fondly bid them, “adieu.”


You lose more battles than you win

the world is darker than you remember it


but on the plus side,

life is beautiful, despite all the crap

you still worry, especially about bills and health

and friends and family,

but you do so with the knowledge that you have survived these

seasons before


By God’s grace, you can do it again


And, where before it took fanfare and lights

and bells and whistles to arouse and excite

Now it takes only the simplest things:

a sunset, a cup of coffee or bottle of beer

at the end of a long day,

holding the hand of the person you love,

who has loved you even in your darkest hours


the demons of yesteryear still call

but now you’re old enough not to cry and hide,

but to flip them off without giving a damn

and going about your way.


God is still good, as He always was

and always will be

You look forward to meeting Him

but are in no rush.

You learn to take your time,

love yourself, wish well for others,

even those who piss you off.


And life goes on, because life always will

with or without you,

and you’re pretty okay with that.

Buy Your Mother a Card

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.52.46 PM

“Buy your mother a card,” said the town cryer at a local Renaissance faire on Mother’s Day weekend. Couldn’t agree more!

Feel free to weight the pros and cons of gift-giving holidays if you wish, but, really, it’s the thought that counts… and some people put none in.

Ever major holiday, you see the hapless masses swarm around the greeting card section, grasping at whatever sentimental piece of cardboard is left on the shelf. Doesn’t matter if you forgot or you got busy or what. You’re still there, you’re still in trouble. So, if it is in your power, don’t wait until the last moment, no matter the holiday. Make a card, write a note, craft a gift, use technology to preorder it months in advance. The options are many. Do whatever it is that makes your special person happy. It doesn’t have to be big. It just have to be.

Why? It’s not because Hallmark needs your money. No, it’s as much for your sake as there’s. You see, kindness is a muscle. The more you exercise it, the easier and more enjoyable the experience will be. Conversely, if you don’t use it at all, when the time comes, you will be caught unawares. Nobody wants that. So do good, often and in new and creative ways.

Buy your mother a card. Life is a precious.


ISIS vs. Islam

Right this very second, there is a group of extremists doing very terrible things in the Middle East. Claiming to be followers of the Prophet Muhammed, they’re killing countless hundreds of people, regardless of faith and heritage, destroying priceless historical artifacts, and just being generally crazy. Even al Qaeda, the agents behind 9/11, consider them too hardcore. My friends, that is a whole other level of evil.

Now, you may look and see all these terrible things and reduce everything down to its common denominator: these guys are Muslim, these guys are doing bad things, so all Muslims must be doing bad things. Right? Wrong!

This sorta thing happens all the time in the Christian sphere as well. Every time some crazy extremist goes on a rampage against gays or African Americans or whoever, I get a Facebook feed full of hate mail. And, honestly, what am I gonna say in response? Jesus loves you? The crazies who claim to be speaking on Jesus’ behalf have already said that Jesus hates everyone but them, so like it’s my word against theirs and they are significantly louder than I am, so looks like I am shit outta luck. My only recourse is to live my life to the best of my ability, be the exception rather than the example, take criticism as it comes, and move on.

Same goes for our Muslim neighbors here in the States. Every time the Middle East blows up, guess who’s getting crap for it the rest of week? They do. So, hold your horses on posting that omnibus rant on Facebook. One less person doing that will make the lives of us people of faith a thousand times better. Then, if you are still worked up about the issue (not gonna lie, it’s a pretty serious issue), channel that frustration into prayers of safe passage for our troops, who constantly risk their lives to establish peace in that region, and into sending support to the Syrian refugees, who are displaced by the fallout. Also, for bonus points, if you’re so bold, while you’re at it, say prayers for the crazies of the world as well, cuz that is what Jesus would ACTUALLY do.

Sure, we may not be able to do a whole lot about the tragedies abroad, but we sure can take steps to promote peace here in America. So, make it happen. Love your brother. Reach out to the outcast. Make a difference. Together, by the grace of God, we can rise up above the mess and make today a little bit better for everyone.

Thank you!