True Romance

True romance is found in pajamas,

sitting around reading a book,

and talking at tea shops

until the words run out.


True romance is day-long outings

to places you have never been before,

to explore something at a whim.

They’re in compliments over dinner

and simply holding hands while walking down the street.


True romance is found is the quiet running of errands

the conscious choice to spent time together,

being engaging,

laughing, listening, being a sounding board

to the day’s (mis)adventures.


True romance is found outside of solutions

when drama is spilled forth,

in the simple words “that stinks” and “I’m sorry.”


It’s helping out someone in need,

a friend, a family member, some guy on the street.

It’s cheering your partner on as they pursue their dreams,

and calling them out when they go astray.


It’s forgiving and being forgiven.

It’s serving God together

and hanging out with mutual friends.


It’s a hug. It’s a touch. It’s a smile.

It’s all the little things, as fluttery as a butterfly

caught up in the wind.


To Be Yours

It’s late

Our breaths

are quick and excited

the warm blood of life

pumps swiftly through

our veins.


We’re laughing

with a bottle of barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc in hand

There’re reruns playing on TV

It’s Thursday, nothing exciting about a Thursday, except us.

I kiss you with my sloppy-drunk smile

You kill me with those emerald eyes


I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you,

walking down those stairs at Grand Central Station

The rails were thrumming

and the same ol’ elevator BS was playing’ on the airwaves

Light and sound exited the room

the moment you arrived.


So here we are. Cheers to you & us, God

& everyone.

Close the blinds and let’s celebrate

Let’s howl to the moon.

It’s you and me,




I’m so lucky to be yours!