Sméagol’s Dilemma

Remember Sméagol from The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

He had that special ring that gave him great power, but in return for that power he invited Gollum into his life, an evil presence reeking havoc upon Sméagol’s soul. *Spoiler alert* His addiction to the ring ended up destroying him.

It’s easy to look at this poor, sad creature and write him off a pure fantasy, but the truth of the matter is we all have our rings, things that made us feel empowered or important, helped us survive, but in the end will end up destroying us.

Be mindful of these things. Each person has a different one. Often you can find it when it is taken away, so be mindful and aware. We are called to live an abundant life in Christ. Beware the roadblocks and thrive!


There’s something you gotta know about me:

I love extremes.

Spicy and sour foods that sting the taste buds,

Competitive eating that stretches the belly,

Snowboarding that racks the body against the cold snow,

Blues songs that strain vocal chords,

jazz chords that expand the finger’s reach.

Why? Because our limits are only so until we test them.

In this digital age, we are often hard-pressed to awaken the senses

But they scream to be tickled, excited, and sometimes even shocked awaken

We live not only in 3 but 4D!

Enjoy this life God has given you to the fullest, my friends,

We’ve only got one.



The Reluctant Feminist

The Not-So-Feminine Mystique
The Not-So-Feminine Mystique

Over the past few years, I’ve toyed with the idea that I may, in fact, be a feminist. Slowly but surely, I’ve found myself settling into the role. Of course, I’m not your traditional feminist. I mean: I’m male; I’m Christian; and I’m flawed. I essentially embody the very systems purported to be keeping women down, and, honestly, it’s not my place to argue.

Throw your stones. Have at it. I probably deserve it. But you know what: there is another DESERVING party in the mix… you all. Women, in the house, can I get a woot-woot?! Women deserve more representation. Women deserve more support. Women deserve more love.

And we ALL need more Jesus, the author of grace and truth. So, here I am: stupid Christian boy with my big ol’ feminist sign. You wanna know what a feminist looks like: look no further than right here, whether you like it or not.

Women’s Rights people: Jesus loves you. Men’s Rights people: Jesus loves you. Stupid Aaron: Jesus loves you. Now let’s get back to loving each other like Jesus does.