Sabbath Rest

I find I am much happier when I am at rest.

Note, I am seldom without something to do;

but, there is a significant difference between

having a schedule that’s full to the brim,

and doing what needs to be done as the need arises.

I have a knack for overbooking.

Why? I don’t know.

It takes me away from my wife, it robs me of my joy,

and it depletes my finances,

yet I overbook all the time.

Maybe I just desire the fame, or the attention?

Or maybe I am just afraid of being alone.

God, you are enough.

Let me be proactive about pursuing peace.

Welcome me in to Your Sabbath rest.

The Heartbeats of My Existence

God in the silence,

of the silence,

let my breathe be Yours,

Your Nemphesh, Your Spirit

Your holy wind.

When I leave this place of self-induced isolation

let me go and breathe on others,

new life hope and opportunities for relationship

deeper than they have ever known,

let them see You through me,

so much so that I disappear

You are good, o Rock of My Soul

Your life love and glory

are the very heartbeats

of my perpetual existence.

Tree Hugger

I am a star-gazer… a naval gazer

a tree hugger, and a God worshipper

I will meditate on you always

As long as my lungs have breath

For I am tenderly and meticulously made

and remade

in you and for you

Let celebrations rise to you,

now and forever,

for you are the Great God

of Mystery and Light.

All praise, hope, and love

Resides in you,

my God, the LORD of life.

Greet the Day

You don’t always have to

be brave, be kind,
be right be strong
be seen, be heard, be known, be loved
You don’t always have to
be in front, be happy
be rich, be smart
be inspirational
You don’t have to be anything
but you
so stop trying
to live up to a false sense of security
take a breathe, take a load off
take a bath, light some incense,
have a cup of wine, tea, beer, hot chocolate
whiskey on the rye
have a chat with some friends
enjoy the intimacy of lovers
share a simple moment,
a gift, a song, a joke, a secret, a poem
a lifetime
know yourself
in the light, in the dark
dressed up, dressed down
in public, all alone
curl up with a good book,
meditate on a falling leaf
smile at strangers
say a prayer for your enemies
tell yourself that you are awesome
on a sticky note,
that sticks to your heart forever
hug someone
hug everyone
let the world know you are here,
then wave it goodbye and enjoy
a good night’s rest
then wake refreshed
and be prepared to greet the day.