Our God is a Living God

Often our God is defined that by the space in which we serve Him.

The Israelites had their temple.

The Canaanites, their high places.

The Europeans had their cathedrals.

We moderns have our office buildings and amphitheaters.

I like to quote George Carlin in such instances:

“why do they call them buildings,

they’ve already been built.”

So, find me out in nature, worshipping my LORD,

for my God is alive,

as alive as the plants, the animals, you and me.

He breathes, He moves, He feels.

He has presence and power, cause and effect.

He cares; He nurtures; He fights; He flies.

Find me in the silence in the awe nature provides.

I’ll be waiting there.

Find Me in the Rivers

Find me in the rivers, the streams,

the mountains the valleys the oceans the lakes

the deserts

the heights and the depths

find me as a shade, find me in the breeze

find me as a hummingbird,

flittering about, suckling the sweet nectar of life

find me at your side,

holding your hand,

telling you that I love you

because I do, always and forever.

Let us kiss the wind and fly away.

Even When The Rain Falls

If you’re ever caught in the rain, it’s only natural to seek shelter,

but what if you stopped and stood and turned your head to heaven,

mouth open

and began to catch the rain in your mouth, taking in every last drop


This torrent is a gift from God after all, and sure it’s a lot to take in,

but why shy away from it? Just as plants are watered by the rain,

so too can we be.


Whether that rainfall is actual or metaphorical,

we have the power to take ownership of it, to use it for our betterment,

rather than our detriment, to enjoy life to its fullest and realest,

even when the rain falls