Embrace All of It

You may say, I can only be open.

on my own, when I’m alone, in the shower

or with people your  same age, gender, or ethnicity

or on the stage or in the background

or standing up or sitting down

or in a place you know or in a place that’s completely new to you


what if you could be open anywhere, anytime, with anyone

what if you could extend your hand to the universe and say,

“I’m ready, regardless of the circumstances.”


Perhaps it’s only a matter of willingness and practice

that divides the two frames of mind.

All that is around is God’s divine creation,

so why not experience all of it?

Even When The Rain Falls

If you’re ever caught in the rain, it’s only natural to seek shelter,

but what if you stopped and stood and turned your head to heaven,

mouth open

and began to catch the rain in your mouth, taking in every last drop


This torrent is a gift from God after all, and sure it’s a lot to take in,

but why shy away from it? Just as plants are watered by the rain,

so too can we be.


Whether that rainfall is actual or metaphorical,

we have the power to take ownership of it, to use it for our betterment,

rather than our detriment, to enjoy life to its fullest and realest,

even when the rain falls