All You Can Be

There are moments,

where you take a chance and it blows up

it your face, and you feel like an idiot

but you knew if you didn’t do it, you

would always been standing at the precipice

asking God,

“why’d didn’t I jump?”

Not all risks will end pretty

sometimes you jump and you splat,

but if the intention is honest,

and the passion is real

and you’re not out to play games or plug yourself,

then it’s worth it, because you tried

and maybe that girl will say no,

or the casting director won’t give the time of day,

or maybe nobody will understand what you tried to do,

but it’s okay.

You were you.

And that’s all you can be.

Practice Makes Perfection

“Practice makes perfect,”

yes, but what is perfected?

why is it perfected at all?

All those hours of seemingly vain repetitions,

the pain, the frustration

the cursing at the art form

and the Divine

and whatever thing or being you can think of

to blame your inadequacies on.


But yet, still, despite all this the best of us press on,

through the dark times

and the periods of fault and failure.

Finally, after all the falling down

and getting back up again,

we reach the top of the mountain

and suddenly everything-

every unsavory experience-

was worth it

for that one, fleeting yet sublime glimpse

of heaven

In the Midst of Waves

Frustrated and feeling alone,

yet not alone

I say, “I’ve had enough,” and God hears me.

He sends a sparrow that sings into my state,

calming me, assuring me, letting me know

everything will be okay.


o but the tempest comes!

the thunder roars!

And I am nearly drowned

in the tsunami’s rage.


But I do not drown,

I do not die.

Indeed all is well.


The sparrow comes

and performs,

it always delivers;

it never leaves.


And I am calm and joyful, even

in the midst of waves.