The Moments that Keep Us Going

We call it the drop:

that moment where you shed all your stuff

of how you think you should be and how you should act and how you should sound

and you just trust yourself and listen to your body and the company you’re with

and it’s like a burden lifts off your soul and you drop comfortably into yourself,

Those are the moments we strive towards,

the moments that keep us going.

All You Can Be

There are moments,

where you take a chance and it blows up

it your face, and you feel like an idiot

but you knew if you didn’t do it, you

would always been standing at the precipice

asking God,

“why’d didn’t I jump?”

Not all risks will end pretty

sometimes you jump and you splat,

but if the intention is honest,

and the passion is real

and you’re not out to play games or plug yourself,

then it’s worth it, because you tried

and maybe that girl will say no,

or the casting director won’t give the time of day,

or maybe nobody will understand what you tried to do,

but it’s okay.

You were you.

And that’s all you can be.

Embrace All of It

You may say, I can only be open.

on my own, when I’m alone, in the shower

or with people your  same age, gender, or ethnicity

or on the stage or in the background

or standing up or sitting down

or in a place you know or in a place that’s completely new to you


what if you could be open anywhere, anytime, with anyone

what if you could extend your hand to the universe and say,

“I’m ready, regardless of the circumstances.”


Perhaps it’s only a matter of willingness and practice

that divides the two frames of mind.

All that is around is God’s divine¬†creation,

so why not experience all of it?