Inclusion Rider

Upon accepting her much-deserved Oscar for Best Actress, Francis McDermott left the Academy with two words: inclusion rider. What is an inclusion rider? The stipulation in an actor or actresses’ contract that requires diversity in the film in which they are part.

Although her call for inclusion specifically targeted women, I am no less affected by it. I am a brown-skinned man who dreams of doing rom-coms. In the past, it was not our place to be the romantic lead. Or any lead other than the villain. But things are changing. There is Aladdin and West Side Story and Black Panther. In short, there is possibility now, and I am grateful. Wherever my journey takes me, I am grateful, because there are a lot of me’s in this world.

My sincerest thanks to all who have the power to make this change and choose to do so. Thank you, Francis McDermott. Party on!

Chutes & Ladders

We all have flaws

Things we need to work on

but if we start with a mindset of brokenness

We’ll always be swimming upstream

Exhausting yourself

trying to keep up with the invisible Joneses

Instead, focus on Jesus

approach life with a perspective of self-love

Then life will become more a celebration,

and invitation

Rather than a do-or-die situation

where every failure

sets you back a billion paces

This is not chutes-and-ladders, folks

It’s your life

Live it well

Nature v. Progress: a Poetic Collaboration

Re_ Nature vs. Progress

My friends,

This is why I love collaborations. My buddy, Joseph (an Our Kind of Awesome alum), and I were passing back random emails and came up with this awesome pair of poems that far exceeded expectations and brought great perspective and enlightenment to me along the way. A definite must read!

Blessings and love,

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.45.08 PM



Some long for “the good ol’ days,”

but I often wonder when those days were,

for it was not long ago that women were,


little more than servants

and minorities slaves

and anyone with any disability whatsoever,

mental or physical,

was to be locked away in poor houses,

neglected and abused.

No, friends, we cannot go back,

for to go back would be to be like Pilate,

who knew what was right

and what must be done,

but feared loss of face

and public outrage

and so washed his hands of the matter,

and handed over responsibility

to the bloodthirsty mob.

For that reason, we must press forward,

with Christ as our guide,

toward a better tomorrow.

We must do what it right,

because it is right

because it is good,

because we can.

Manning Up

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 5.02.41 PM

Women are doing all kinds of cool stuff nowadays. They’re excelling in school, they’re stepping into previously gender-segregated arenas, being vocal about their needs.

Guys, I gotta be honest, we’re falling a little behind. We’re flunking out of school, being relationally reticent, not taking the initiative to provide for our (potential) families.

We can do better.

I love being a guy. We are a proud sex. Time to live in a way worth being proud of.


The Global Village, or Bolstering Success through Community

In this Age of Individuality, it is important to understand that we are not alone.

There are hotshots and there are heroes, people lifted up onto podiums for the rest of us to “ooh” and “ahh” at. You may be one of them. Bravo! You may hope to be one of them. Keep going! But, wherever you are at in your journey, know that there are others you can count on in the process.

Brilliant men and women have come before us. They have shared their wisdom with the world. Innovative individuals are blazing new and exciting paths into the future.

Are you willing to reach out to them to better yourself, to help them, to strengthen the community as a whole?