Nice is a neutral word

signifying nothing
in any meaningful sense
for, like the weather,
it is easily thrown about
when grasping for compliments
but nice is not a negative,
just a potential test
seeking to find one’s true mettle
‘yond all the pomp and jest
so if you find yourself “nice,” be warned
a storm may be coming your way
to identify if you are black or white
or many shades of grey

If The Shoe DOESN’T Fit

Everybody’s got dreams. Sometimes, that dream gets shut down. Sure, we can try to force the issue, like Cinderella’s stepsisters in the video above, but at what expense? Goodbye, time, money, and sanity! Hello, forced destiny!

True, many things worth having do not come easy. You want that toned body? Guess what: you’ve got to work out. You want mad guitar skills? Practice your fingers off.

Even still, there are times that, no matter how hard you work, it’s never gonna happen. You’re not always her type. You’re not always the right person for the job. You don’t always get picked for the next round. Unfortunately, that’s life.

Author, Donald Miller, tells about a character named Don Rabbit, who chases Sexy Carrot around the known Universe because he wants her. Eventually, through hard work and perseverance, he catches up to her and gobbles her up, only to choke and die in the process.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.52.51 AM

It’s a little silly, but it proves a good point: not everything you can achieve should be achieved. You wanna chase the forbidden fruit? Go right ahead. Remember how well that went for Adam and Eve? Perfect location, all-you-can-eat buffet, perfect relationship with each other and with God, and no pants!: all sacrificed for a mad case of the munchies.

So, learn from our ancient ancestors and, when God says “let it go,” let it go.


“Endure:” Re-visited and Re-mastered

Hello my friends,

Today I have the good pleasure of releasing “Endure” back to you, after taking time to re-tool it after its initial debut in F10 Films‘ short film, “Expectations.” It’s a sad, sweet song set ablaze by a singular promise: you will endure! So, if you are in a relationship and it is a bit (or more than a bit) rocky right now, keep fighting the good fight! I pray you come out of this time stronger than ever.

Enjoy the song and the rest of your day!

Blessings to you in Christ,