Reconciling Ministry

I have friends who were gay. Lovely people. I know people have differing views on this subject, but I have studied the Scripture and looked at the history. I have heard their stories and shared in their vlives. Honestly, I think that the Biblical prohibition and the inherited lifestyle are two different things. Apples and oranges. Maybe I am wrong, and of course I shall pay the consequences at the end of time. If so. Or maybe I am right and we are forcing millions of people, Christians and non-Christian, into isolatation from the very Gospel we hold so dear. If I know anything from personal testimony, it’s that Christ’s love is for everyone. If I get in through the pearly gates, sounds likely equal opportunity to me.

A Man After God’s Own Heart

Read Samuel 1 & 2


David was a fascinating character:

an outsider, a warrior, a poet, and a lover

a re-occuring sinner

and a “man after God’s own heart”


When someday tells you

“you gotta be one thing or the other,

you can’t be both”

Look to David

You’re a multi-faceted diamonds


We are many things at many times at many people

Half the fun is finding who those people might be.

God’s Scarlet Thread

I love old songs and stories

Even with old hymns, you’ll find there are a hundred different versions

In days past, the idea of story was much more about the conveyance

of individual ownership rather than empirical data.

So, depending on the region and the dialect, you could experience the story in a

whole new way.

That’s why I think it’s so fascinating looking at the Scriptures with a strictly Western


The word “inerrant” gets throw around a lot, and I agree that you CAN TOTALLY

rely upon the Bible as your rock and guiding light,

but as I look at the Gospels and even things like Genesis 1 & 2,

I see something beyond equations, a “by the book” approach

I see God working uniquely in the lives of each and every one of these storytellers

to bring about a handcrafted, wonderful experience.

People may never see life the same way you do or we do,

but half the beauty of life is seeing where these stories meet and where they


and seeing that through all of it is the scarlet thread of God.