Multifaceted You

Don’t tell yourself you’re changing

Not counting a serious life event,

you’ll always be you.

The expression may change and that’s it.

Just have fun.

And if you ever tell yourself I’ve got nothing to offer,

refer back to the first segment.

And play around with it!

The expression of your unique combination of genes

and experiences may astound even you.


“If we had only known then,

what we know now…”

But we do not truly know,

not yet or maybe ever.

Let us escape from the place

where everything needs to be is codified.

To the place where we can just be!

Who? What? Where? When? How?:

Lay that all aside.

We are here; we are Now; we are


I Hold the Diamond that is My Soul

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.17.17 AM

I hold the diamond that is my soul.

I hold it close, then let it go

It spins and swirls inside the wind

with sunlit surface glistenin’.

Even I am in awe of it,

for it is quite magnificent.

Mine, yet not mine

it belongs to all,

until, at, last to the Earth it falls

and I ascend to realms above

held close inside the Savior’s love.

So, enjoy my soul as you will;

soak it in; have your fill.

I will do the same with yours,

reveling in the workings of the LORD,

Who gives to all and takes away,

meticulously perfecting

all He surveys.

A Better Place to Be: How to Cease Striving & Simply Succeed

The Director's Chair
The Director’s Chair

Summary: Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you in love with that person?

We all have things we want to be: to be stronger, to be wiser, taller, richer, etc. It is good to aspire towards greatness. But, at the same time, spending our time pulling out our hair over not being that thing will get us nowhere. We lose sleep, friendships, money, and the voice of God when we do this. So, if there is something you want: make a plan. Seek out the wisest and most prolific voices in that field. Find out what it really looks like, decide if it is really for you, and, if it is, draft out a realistic game plan to achieve it. But at the same time: that outside thing is not you. It is not the totality of your being. If you do or not- or even cannot- add that thing to your resume, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

1. You are good.

I talked about burnout yesterday. Burnout happens when you have a monkey on your back and it beats its little drum. You run and you run, but you can’t get it out of your brain, your will, your Spirit. You’re tired. You’re scared. And you just wanna quit, but you don’t know how. Part of that is the success culture we have created. As I’ve mention before, part of that is outside image of Instant Celebrity. Part of that comes from within us, from the innate desire to amount to something, to have purpose in this world. I want you right now to dispel that insatiable hunger inside you. I want you to fill it instead with love: love of self, love of others, love of the divine.

AT THE SAME TIME, you need to understand that sometimes life will get difficult. There will be hills we need to climb. It will be easy to say, “it’s too hard, so I won’t.” Often, we won’t use those words. We’ll know what we need to do, but we’ll busy ourselves with something else. In short, we’ll refuse to grow, or we’ll want to grow, but just be too lazy to do anything about it.

2. Now, go!

Sometimes, self-love gets marketed as this. There is no need for self-improvement, there is no need for accountability, because we are all good. But the opposite is true. No journey of any value took place while just sitting around staying in the home. Imagine how boring Lord of the Rings would have been if Frodo Baggins (the hero) just stayed in the shire? What is worse, Sauron (the villain) was still on the move, still on the prowl. And so it is with us. The bills will not go away. The need to provide for family and community will not go away. If you do not eat, you starve. It is as simple as that. So, each day, do what you need to do, and give the rest to God. That may look dramatically different each day- or it may look mind-numbingly the same. Just be assured that today, you are doing your part. Tomorrow will come, and whatever you could not accomplish, you can do then. The Celebrities and the Cement-layers are all equal in the grand scheme of things. Wherever you fall in that mix, know that, Today, that was where you were meant to be.

Blessings to you in Christ,