Love Bomb

“Sorry to unload on you like that,” he said

“I’m glad you did,” I said,

“So many times we go through life,

carrying burdens, situations

not knowing who we can share it with

but not quite able to bear the burdens ourselves.

We lose sleep, become stressed

because we feel all alone.

Yes, we talk to God and that is a great place to start,

but we still fear the judgement of others.

It’s not until we tell another human being

and they meet us with open hearts and minds

that we can begin to lay our burden down-

or, rather, finally have someone

to carry that burden along

til the carrying is done.”


Body Issues

I’ve had plenty of body issues in the past:

Spent a lot of middle and high school anorexic

Had a horrible self image of myself,

thought I was garbage,

the eating patterns began to wane in college,

thanks to the support of friends and family

and a solid therapist.

The self image still lingers.

Now, I love to eat,

and I’m working on loving myself more.


Funny, the more I invest in others,

the more I forget my own problems,

but you still need to love yourself.

Generosity and good deeds

do not a full recovery make.


I surrender my life to Jesus daily,

I’ve gotten into this whole naturist thing.

It’s all connected.

It begs the question:

Do you love who you see in the mirror?

It’s not a complicated question. The simple questions are

the hardest to answer.

Jesus made me. I can either accept this form

or throw it out.

Sure, I’ve made mistakes,

but Jesus always responds with grace.

Do I trust Him?

Do I love Him enough to believe He loves me?

At Haywood Street Congregation,

we have a simple mantra, a call-and-response:

Q: Whose child are you?

A: God’s child!

Let it be, LORD. Let it be.

If The Shoe DOESN’T Fit

Everybody’s got dreams. Sometimes, that dream gets shut down. Sure, we can try to force the issue, like Cinderella’s stepsisters in the video above, but at what expense? Goodbye, time, money, and sanity! Hello, forced destiny!

True, many things worth having do not come easy. You want that toned body? Guess what: you’ve got to work out. You want mad guitar skills? Practice your fingers off.

Even still, there are times that, no matter how hard you work, it’s never gonna happen. You’re not always her type. You’re not always the right person for the job. You don’t always get picked for the next round. Unfortunately, that’s life.

Author, Donald Miller, tells about a character named Don Rabbit, who chases Sexy Carrot around the known Universe because he wants her. Eventually, through hard work and perseverance, he catches up to her and gobbles her up, only to choke and die in the process.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.52.51 AM

It’s a little silly, but it proves a good point: not everything you can achieve should be achieved. You wanna chase the forbidden fruit? Go right ahead. Remember how well that went for Adam and Eve? Perfect location, all-you-can-eat buffet, perfect relationship with each other and with God, and no pants!: all sacrificed for a mad case of the munchies.

So, learn from our ancient ancestors and, when God says “let it go,” let it go.