Tension Check-in

The crown of your head: your connection to Heaven

In between your eyes: all that you think and see

Your throat: what you say and ingest

Your chest: where your lifeblood and passions flow

Your core: balance and breathing

Your lower abdomen: your gut and loins

Your lower back: base of the spine, your connection to the earth

Are any of these out of whack? Where are you twisted and tense? Breathe deep. Relax. Get centered.

It’s the whole body we’re seeking to repair. Like any good vehicle, it only works best when all is in check.

Tree Hugger

I am a star-gazer… a naval gazer

a tree hugger, and a God worshipper

I will meditate on you always

As long as my lungs have breath

For I am tenderly and meticulously made

and remade

in you and for you

Let celebrations rise to you,

now and forever,

for you are the Great God

of Mystery and Light.

All praise, hope, and love

Resides in you,

my God, the LORD of life.