Our God is a Living God

Often our God is defined that by the space in which we serve Him.

The Israelites had their temple.

The Canaanites, their high places.

The Europeans had their cathedrals.

We moderns have our office buildings and amphitheaters.

I like to quote George Carlin in such instances:

“why do they call them buildings,

they’ve already been built.”

So, find me out in nature, worshipping my LORD,

for my God is alive,

as alive as the plants, the animals, you and me.

He breathes, He moves, He feels.

He has presence and power, cause and effect.

He cares; He nurtures; He fights; He flies.

Find me in the silence in the awe nature provides.

I’ll be waiting there.


A few months back, my wife bought a FitBit-type apparatus

It tracks how many steps she takes per day;

sets a weekly step goal;

and beeps whenever she has been sitting too long.

Her persistence to the program has yielded amazing results

She is fitter than ever, has a huge boost in energy,

and relishes the competition of meeting and exceeding her step goal

each week.

In everything worth pursuing in life,

I think we need a FitBit,

keeping us on track,

giving us steady encouragement to succeed,

and giving tangible goals that we can celebrate.

It’s so easy to base our success of fictions,

fictions too low that we never really achieve our true potential

or fictions too high that we simply give up out of pure dismay.

While we pursue these fictions,

the FitBit is waiting, extending its silent invitation

to rise to its challenge and reap its rewards.

LORD, be my FitBit. Keep me accountable to my calling.

Challenge me. Encourage me. Let me know how I can grow

in You.


I love that the Greek word for God’s love for us is agápē

Because, when you remove all the markers above the letters,

you get agape-

like mouth agape, heart agape, mind agape,

wide open.

God’s love for us is so beyond our comprehension

that it should leave us with our jaw hanging down,

we ought to be scratching our heads and

falling to our knees in awe of it.

Likewise, when we love like He loves,

we should illicit the same response.

Forget countercultural.

We’re talking blow-your-mind awesome.

Our love should be so righteous, so pure,

so unexpectedly right

that it leaves a mark, makes a difference,

changes the world, if only a little bit.

There, my friends, is our benchmark.

Time to thrive.


To Each Other & To God

Joy Moss started Asheville Beer and Hymns.

She lives up to her name,

a true beam of sunlight amongst clouds.

Every time we play music,

music is always secondary to community-building.

Our mission is higher than what we do,

It is who we are, to each other and to God.

A Little More Like You

The pastor who leads Haywood Street Revival is a man named Brian Combs

He leans in, looks at you, and smiles

Makes you feel like a million bucks, like he actually cares what you are saying.

LORD, help me be a little more like Him each day.

Better yet, let me be a little more like You,

for You made Brian to be the man he is today,

just as you made me.

If It Is Your Will

Thank you God for the job I have,

the chance to recoup the losses,

regain the wealth I so foolishly squandered.

Yet, even still, I miss people,

hearing their stories,

making eye contact with the living.

If it is possible, return me to my former self,

or better even, if it is Your will.