There’s something you gotta know about me:

I love extremes.

Spicy and sour foods that sting the taste buds,

Competitive eating that stretches the belly,

Snowboarding that racks the body against the cold snow,

Blues songs that strain vocal chords,

jazz chords that expand the finger’s reach.

Why? Because our limits are only so until we test them.

In this digital age, we are often hard-pressed to awaken the senses

But they scream to be tickled, excited, and sometimes even shocked awaken

We live not only in 3 but 4D!

Enjoy this life God has given you to the fullest, my friends,

We’ve only got one.




Today I strummed chords I seldom play

and sang notes I seldom sing.

My fingers strained to strike the frets

My voice trembled at the top of my register.

After I was done, I felt strangely alive

and wondered why I so often hold back

from these places,

these wonderful places,

where my blood races

and my spirit soars.

A pox upon the demon of the commonplace,

holding its infamous net of security

and three cheers to the angel of uncertainty,

who calls us “to come and die and find that I

may truly live.”